JeVince Solutions

JeVince Solutions is the brain child of Mr Vincent Cheng, and was started together with his wife, Joanne in the year 2008.

JeVince is primarily an online marketing education, training and consultation company that works with technology partners to fulfill the implementation of the online marketing campaign based on client’s needs.

Through its proprietary Online Marketing formula called BlueTail(TM) developed and endorsed by organizations such as the Malaysian Intellectual Property Office (MYIPO), Institute of Marketing Malaysia (IMM) and IACT College, JeVince has trained and consulted over 1000 business in the level of small, medium or large businesses and corporations.

Throughout the course of its existence, it has conducted more than 100 training sessions in the area of online marketing workshops and seminars, partnered with credible associations such as Institute of Marketing Malaysia (IMM) and Branding Association of Malaysia (BAM), and have served clients such as MPH Bookstores, IACT College, Shell IT and TM Net.

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