LEVERAGE: Sharing the leverage examples I have used in my life

LEVERAGE: This is one of the most important lessons I have learnt in life. As a human being, we have only 24 hours a day, no more and no less. Therefore, if you want to make more money, you will have to spend more time, or charge higher, but no matter what you do, you are limitting it to your own time and energy. So in order to increase your income and free up more time, here are a few examples I have done myself that I can share with you guys on Leverage:
1. Use the internet to do communications so that you don’t have to waste time
2. Use the internet to find prospects for your sales or whatever product so you can stay home with your family.
3. Use paid advertising to filter the right prospects to buy whatever you are offering
4. Use automated email systems to follow up with your prospects
5. Partner with an organization leader or management or owner and leverage their resources in return for the something of equal value you are giving them.
6. Find where is the 20% in the 80/20 rule
7. Partner with the God of Universe and claim/pray for resources WHILE you are putting in effort (God only helps those who help themselves, not just pray and wait).

Hope this has helped you or given you some ideas on how to LEVERAGE.

Vincent Cheng – Your Sincere Online Marketing Trainer, Coach and Consultant

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ABUNDANCE THINKING: What Happens When people copy your stuff? How should you respond?

ABUNDANCE THINKING: What do you do when someone copies your work, replicate it and then turn it for himself and ignore you?

Well, if you get offended or feel being taken for a ride, then your a missing a chance to become better or become more creative.

If you see it as a form of VALIDATION that you are good enough to be COPIED, that means you are THAT GOOD to be COPIED! In another way, you should feel and know that you have successfully become LEADER in your industry or in your trade!
So the next time when people copy you, remember to have another trick or another advanced element up your sleeve, so they are always one step behind you. In order to be one step ahead, you will have to learn how to think more creatively and more innovatively, and that my friends, is LIFELONG CONTINUOUS LEARNING.

Once you go for LIFELONG CONTINUOUS LEARNING attitude, you will always have ABUNDANCE, cause you are creating something new all the time with new VALUE, where others will keep copying but will never be a leader.

In that sense, you will be a LEADER and become FIRST MOVER all the TIME, creating ABUNDANCE THINKING and ABUNDANCE in VALUE, which is the way to become SUSTAINABLE and have LONG TERM SUCCESS!

Hope this sharing inspired you guys who are going through this. Cheers. – FROM Vincent Cheng – Your Sincere Online Marketing Trainer, Coach and Consultant

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How to Use LinkedIn for Any Business – Part 2 (Interview)


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