In my personal devotion and meditation these few days, I was having a lot of confusion and doubts about many things in life, including business, health, direction, and family.

The reason for that is I have begun to put my trust and faith on a particular method, people and also bank account to define my self worth. 

You see, secretly, all of us put our dependence and faith in something. That something could be your own efforts, your bank account, your connections, and also your ideas.

That is also the reason why many jump into schemes and opportunities which seems to give good returns, but forgot about their own God designed talents and strengths.

Some even forgot to rest and keep the Sabbath, which is ordained way back when God worked for 6 days in creating the earth and us, humans, and rested on the seventh day.

Through my devotion, meditation and prayer, with a personal God (yes, God is not distant or far away, He is closer than you think), I have been reminded that, if God wants to cause a miracle like dropping a million dollar business deal, opening up a job opportunity or giving you a revolutionary idea, He can.

But what’s more important to God, is whether we look up to Him, as the source of all these.

Let me qualify further, God will bless only those who put in effort and help themselves.

So when you have an idea, a project, or a job, or a deal, remember God is the REAL source that gave you that.

In that way, you will acknowledge that He is truly a God who cares and who is able to take care of your needs.

From there, you will also find it easy to remain humble and attract more people to work and do business with you, because humble people is more likable.

True humility only comes, when we acknowledge God is the SOURCE of all things, and keep pride away.

God Bless you and your family and your ventures.

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What is WEALTH? Is it only MONEY?

WARNING and DISCLAIMER: This post is not be suitable for everyone to read and may have life changing consequences. Readers discretion is needed and I am not to be hold liable for any consequences that may result from reading this. All things shared here is my personal experience and may not be suitable for you. If you are ready, then READ ON…

I have been trying to understand this concept for more than a decade since I started reading about financial freedom and wealth creation books about 10 years ago.

At that point, all I wanted was to get out of 9-5pm job, as it was too monotonous for a guy like me that couldn’t sit still and do all the same things daily, wake up the same time, and also couldn’t take orders from a boss that just play politics to get ahead.

In my journey, I kept finding new ways of making money, from stocks, to real estate to online business, to offline business, attending different workshops and seminars and spending thousands to see what is right for me.

Nevertheless, you would have guessed that I failed at many of those options, as not every one has the character and personality to trade a stock, pick a real estate or even create an enterprise in the offline world.

I quickly discovered one of my gifts is training, coaching, speaking, teaching and consulting, and taking technological concept and make it simple. This one was something that God has directed me as he even made a training center owner to dream in his sleep that he is called to work with me! Talk about miracles and all glory to God.

Fast forward to today, I am currently working from home, doing training and speaking, consulting and coaching, while owning a few businesses online, leveraging 2 of the biggest trends, which is mobile and Facebook, while taking care of my 3 young daughters, currently all below 5 years old. Boy, are they a handful but a joy to be with!

We have more than enough, and I am thankful for God, but more importantly, I am thankful that God has shown me What is Wealth.

In short, Wealth to me is not really money. It is the ability to have freedom to do what you want to do whenever you want to do it with the people that matters most and you enjoy being with. Wealth is the experiential education, the failures and successes along the way, the creativity to explore new business models and meet new people and exchanging ideas.

Money is a means to an end, and it should not be used for just buying things, but should be used as a tool in providing jobs, buying assets and furthering a cause.

And wealth, ultimately is being able to work with an abundantly wealthy God, that provides more than enough, when we put in the effort, consult Him as a personal friend, and be aware that someday the resources given to us, are just entrusted and we are called to be His stewards to use it to further His cause.

God Bless you and your family and your ventures.

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“Business Lessons I Learnt Through Coaching and Mentoring Young Adults”

I have been privileged and blessed by God and was given / entrusted many young adults throughout the years in my entrepreneurship journey to mentor and coach them, not only on business / entrepreneurship but more importantly, to give them some pointers through their lives.

As of right now, 2 of the young adults I mentored, have successfully built their own business, one a lawyer, and the other a mobile marketer, and also have grown from a single young man, to going into fatherhood.

Nevertheless, there are some in which I have mentored, but have fallen out of my mentoring care, due to my mistakes of not having enough experience and understanding in my younger days. This was caused by my inability to understand, emphatize or pick out strengths when I was younger and impatient then.

There are a few more guys, which I am currently mentoring, and coaching, which is on their way to success, in different industries, from real estate, to entertainment, to events, to banking, retailing and F&B to education businesses.

While that is the case, I have also trained, coached and counselled many business owners, which have both humbled me and sharpened my coaching and mentoring skills.

Here are some of the lessons I have learnt in my mentoring and coaching journey.

1. Always listen first, and listen to both the words and body language / actions of the mentee / student.

2. Always ask questions to probe more and ask enough questions to understand the entirety of their challenge and situation.

3. Expand the coaching / mentoring from business, to different aspects of their lives, including family, finance, mental, physical and spiritual areas to assist them to holistic success.

And the best part of this journey is that I get to share and exchange tips with my wife who is also a coach and mentor to the ladies as I only mentor guys.

Ultimately, mentoring / coaching is about helping another person see a possibility and a vision and assist them in achieving that holistically, not partially.

If you feel that you need coaching in the area of online marketing for income or for branding you or your business, then here are the links to both my wife’s and my coaching service page:

http://www.jevince.com/onlinecoachingforladies (Joanne’s coaching page)

http://www.jevince.com/onlinecoachingspecial (Vincent’s coaching page)

God Bless you and your family and your ventures.

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