Setting Up Your Company Website for Online Branding and Marketing – Episode 1 of 3

Yo guys,

Vince, Founder of Malaysian Business Network here.

Again, this is a new series and sorry for not messaging this one as promised. Really really sorry yeah.

Right, many of you may not know what is required to setup a website as you guys are BIG THINKERS and don’t wanna worry about stuffs like this. But let me tell you this, sometimes, it is the things which you don’t know that will KILL your business!!! Forgive my frankness style yeah.. I am a straight to the point person.

Okay, now, first off, before you even get a website up, you will need a domain. It is very much like building a house. Before you can build something, you need to have land. So, in Internet terms, LAND = DOMAIN. Domain means . It is basically the name with the .com attached behind it. Remember, for you to own a land, you need to pay QUIT RENT right? So, same thing, every year, you would need to pay domain fees, which is around RM 100 for .com and RM 150 for, and of course the fees depends on the hosting companies you use.

So now that you have a land, you want to build your house. So, you will need to buy the house as well right? So, in Internet terms, that is called HOSTING. So, HOUSE = HOSTING. So, normally, your requirement would be using a Linux based server or a Windows based server, which depends on whether you use PHP or ASP as your programming language. To put it simply, it is like having a double storey house in Damansara or a double storey house in Cheras. Not much difference, its just a matter of preference of location. Then, you need some space for your house, if you want bigger house, you pay more loh, if you want smaller space, you pay less loh. Same thing, on hosting, you pay more for more hard disk storage space. Normally, the standard ones out there is at RM 100 for 1GB of space per year. The payment is like your House Assessment payment which you are paying every year.

Okay, after you have a house, you need to do renovation right? Then, you will buy furnitures and fittings, or get a contractor to break some walls and modify some room design, and then paint it. This process in the Internet is equivalent to web design and development.

Web Design is just the color scheme and normally consist of these pages, which is About Us, Contact Us, Products, Services, Client Portfolio. Generally, these websites costs around a few hundred Ringgit right up to a few thousand Ringgit. These kind of websites may include Flash animation which may increase the cost of your web development fees.

Web Development consists of things like E-Commerce Shopping Cart, User Registration and Upload Download Features. Naturally, with features like that, you would need some form of Database, normally MySQL for Linux based programming (PHP programming language) or SQL Server Microsoft License for Microsoft Windows based programming (ASP Programming Language). These kind of sites will costs you from a few thousand ringgit right up to about tens of thousands of Ringgit as it requires complex requirements website development process and programming.

After that, of course, after you have painted and renovated your house, you would want to invite people to your house. Inviting people requires you to send invitation cards, broadcast email and also mobile SMS right? Or you may call up your friends to come for house warming. So, INVITATION = MARKETING. Therefore, you would need spend some money on the cards, email broadcast or even Mobile phone bills correct? Same thing for the Internet Website. You would need to Market your website. And most people still have this myth of Search Engine rankings are instantly achieved after their website is up. Or, they would say to us “When I Google my own brand name, lets say I key in ABC Sdn Bhd, I am number ONE on Google what… why do I need to pay people to increase my Google or Search Engine Rankings for me?” Well, I will be answering those questions in next week’s episode. You can also check out more about Online Marketing at my blog at (don’t forget to sign up to get a FREE ebook on Web Traffic 2.0) and proceed to my blog later.

So, for those of you who need to get a domain and hosting (a land and a house) on the Internet, please also consult and enquire our partner, Shinjiru Web Hosting by emailing Jeffrey at or call him at 0162116932. We recommend Shinjiru because they are offering discounts to Malaysian Business Network members, so when you contact them, please write “Enquiry from Malaysian Business Network members” on the subject of your email. They are giving out FREE domain registration and also for every 10th enquiry that ends up in the mailbox of Jeffrey from Shinjiru Web Hosting, they will give out another voucher of RM 100 worth of hosting services to you.

So for now, that’s all my blabbering on this Online Marketing and Branding for your Company Website. Stay tuned for the next episode on Myth of Online Marketing and Branding.

Oh by the way, if you have yet to sign up at the first ever Malaysian Business Network Social Network which has 500 more Malaysian Business Owners which you can network and Joint Venture with to generate leads in this crisis, please proceed to sign up for FREE at

Vince, signing out.
JeVince Solutions – Your Facebook Marketing Partner

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