MBN Youth Launch and Youth Entrepreneur Mentorship Program

MBN Youth Entrepreneurship Program

MBN Youth Entrepreneurship Program

Hi MBN Youths,

Vince here, the founder of Malaysian Business Network and MBN Youth.

We had a great launch yesterday on MBN Youth with young entrepreneurs from various fields, from Business Strategist, Training and Online and Offline Marketing, NLP Practitioners gathering together to exchange business ideas and also network.

As I have said, we will have the meeting weekly in Shinjiru Web Hosting and Training Center in Old Klang Road to network and to form collaboration and joint ventures, as well as will be organizing different speakers as well as youth entrepreneurs to talk about their business to promote their ideas.

Further to that, we have also launched MBN Youth Entrepreneurship Program. It is a program which I will be personally mentoring and coaching youths to start business and thrive in this new generation of business management with the advent of the Internet and Technology. As all of you may agree, it is not easy to be a young entrepreneur, but it is also exciting to be one, given the freedom, the fun and also of course, the profits.

As a Serial Technopreneur myself, having founded Booksterhub – Malaysian Book Lovers Online Community (http://www.booksterhub.com – and you can see our credibility with a link in the top left website of http://www.mphonline.com plus getting me books to read weekly for FREE), which is in Joint Venture with MPH, Moviescraps and Malaysian Gamers Network which has Joint Ventured with Golden Screen Cinemas (and allowing me to go to the movies for FREE) as well as co-founded Malaysian Badminton Network which has Joint Ventured with Milo, RedBull and KX at http://www.malaysianbadminton.com.

I am currently looking for the first batch of apprentice to be in this highly exciting venture of Young Entrepreneurship to be coached and mentored in doing business in Malaysia and beyond. In order to prove my sincerity and credibility, I would like to get 10 people who will write me an elaborate Facebook Message on “Why You Need Vince as a Mentor?” and I will pick the best 10 to go through this mentorship at http://www.malaysianbiznetwork.com/mbnYouth absolutely FREE.

I will be personally coaching you guys from Online Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, New Generation Business Mindset and Technopreneurship for the rest of your life, as you will be made my partners after the we have done the 2 days course on the MBN Youth Entrepreneurship course at http://www.malaysianbiznetwork.com/mbnYouth. The only condition is that you are below 25 years old and have yet to decide into any business direction to embark into.

If you have not joined MBN Youth Facebook group (only for people below 35 years and below), please do so now to hang out with young entrepreneurs and Gen Y business people, who has these traits at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=120967622526 :

1. We are Extreme Collaborators – we network and joint venture a lot
2. We are Technology Mavens – we are tech savvy
3. We are Game Changers – we are good at using tech to differentiate
4. We are Brand Builders – we build brands
5. We are Social Capitalists – we are integrity, righteous and loves justice while doing business
6. We are Workplace Renegades – we want democratic and cool workplaces
7. We are Morph Masters – we are masters of customization to our own needs and lifestyles
8. We are Market Insiders – we understand the youth consumer markets

The above is something which I picked up from the book UpStarts – How Gen Y Entrepreneurs are Rocking the World of Business and 8 Ways You Can Profit from the Success, sponsored to me by MPH Bookstores to understand the youth entrepreneur scene before I launch the MBN Youth Entrepreneurship Program.

MBN Youth Entrepreneurship Launch

MBN Youth Entrepreneurship Launch

To further elaborate the passion which I have in the field of Youth Entrepreneurship and Business journey and also in coaching and mentoring them, I have gone on to read Grown Up Digital from Don Tapscott (the author of Wikinomics) and found out that as a Gen Y myself ( the oldest Gen Y which is born between 1977 to 1997 – I was born in 1978), is that Gen Y or the Net Generation people has these characteristics:

1. We want freedom in everything that we do, from freedom of choice to freedom of expression
2. We love to customize and personalize
3. We are scrutinizers and check people up online before we work for or with them
4. We look for corporate integrity and openness when deciding what to buy and where to work
5. We want entertainment and play in our work, education and social life, mixing business with pleasure, fun in our work, but yet perform well
6. We are a collaboration and relationship generation
7. We are a generation of speed
8. We are also innovators

MBN Youth Entrepreneur Mentorship Program

MBN Youth Entrepreneur Mentorship Program

Therefore, I have set up MBN Youth meeting every Tuesday, which is a networking session for all the youth business people out there to collaborate and to network to foster an New Generation Entrepreneurship spirit and environment.

Having been a youth leader in church in my younger days, that passion is still burning within me to mentor and to coach young people to greater heights as well as learn through the sharing and also from the youths themselves.

Therefore, I am looking forward to hearing from budding young entrepreneurs who wants to learn about youth entrepreneurship with the characteristics and traits above yeah.

Please also help to invite your friends who are below 35 years old and Malaysian as well as into business and entrepreneurship into this group to network and expand our community to harness more opportunity by clicking this link to invite your Facebook friends yeah:


For those of you who have yet to join our Malaysian Business Online Social Network for Business People, please do register for FREE at http://www.malaysianbiznetwork.com to network and find Joint Ventures as well as leads for your Malaysian business. We currently have 800 over Malaysian business professionals there.

That’s all for now folks.

To Your Malaysian Business Success,
Vincent Cheng
Founder, Malaysian Business Network (http://www.malaysianbiznetwork.com)
MBN Youth Entrepreneur Coach
CEO, JeVince Solutions – Your Online Marketing Partner in Malaysia (http://www.jevince.com/blog)

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