Setting Up Your Company Website for Online Branding and Marketing – Episode 3 of 3

Hi MBN Members,

This is Vince the Founder of Malaysian Business Network yeah.

Again, its been a crazy week for me as I had to get my newborn baby daughter back from my in-law’s place in Klang back to our home in Cheras.

Okay, as this installment to the series of “Setting Up Your Company Website for Online Branding and Marketing” is long overdue, I would like to apologize and without further delay give you guys the tips yeah.

Let’s get on to business.

A good webpage that makes visitors take action should have these components
•    Headline
•    Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
•    Benefits
•    Testimonials
•    Call To Action

There are 7 format of headlines:
•    Tell a Story …
•    How To …
•    Who Else …
•    What If …
•    Warning …
•    7 Tips/Strategies/Secrets
•    If Only…

Here are the examples on how to use the above Headline formats:
I was struggling to understand my dog and then came along this manual which helped me…
How to get your pet to listen to you in 7 days
Who else wants to have a dog so responsive that at the flick of the finger
What if you can just flick your fingers and your dog will listen to you…
Warning! Do not try any dog training products until you have tried this one..
7 Secrets you should know about dog Training
If Only I knew about this dog training product, I would have saved $10,000…

- explain (be straight to the point) in point-form the benefits, rather than features
- arouse the emotion of fear of loss for not buying
- arouse the emotion of pleasure of purchasing your product
- do not focus on your features but on HOW the product can help your clients

- Tell the audience what is so special about your product
- Why should they choose your product instead of others
- What is the advantage of your product over others

- Be specific of the value and returns received by clients
- Include facts and detailed figures
- Include full name
- Include website, contact details (with permission)
- Include picture of satisfied customers

- Ask the prospect for the order
- Direct them to click on the payment link
- Include a Time Limited Bonus
- Inject Scarcity
- Tell them that there is a possible increase of price
- Reinstate the benefits
- Remind them of fear of loss and pleasure of purchase
- Include Money Back Guarantee as a Risk Reversal Strategy

Again, guys, before you even build a website, you need to have a domain name and hosting space, which you can get from and if you need any assistance you can call their Business Development Manager, Jeffrey Khow at 0162116932 or email him at and quote that you are a member of Malaysian Business Network to get a special discount on your domain and hosting packages, as Shinjiru Web Hosting is partners with Malaysian Business Network yeah.

To understand more about the difference between Hosting and Domain, you can read more about it at the previous episode of this series at (to go straight to that post, the link is )

You can enquire about web design and development services by calling me directly at 017-6055493 (Vincent Cheng) or email me at as well as Add me as your Facebook friend at to enquire via Facebook yeah.

To market your website, you may want to consider attending our weekly Wednesday FREE Facebook Marketing course dedicated to MBN members (RM 50 waived for you loyal MBN folks as a token of appreciation) and the future dates, location map and contact details are at and this week’s FREE Facebook Marketing Workshop Facebook Event Page is at

To further generate leads for your business in Malaysia and perform collaboration and Joint Ventures, you may want to join our very own Online Social Network for Malaysian Business People at yeah.

Okay, phew.. I think, that’s lotsa stuff for you guys to digest this round, and I will be back with a  new series called, “Building Online Credibility for Your Business in Malaysia” which should have 3 episodes in the series yeah.

So till next time.

To your Malaysian Business Prosperity and Growth,
Founder, Malaysian Business Network (
CEO, JeVince Solutions, Your Online Marketing Partner in Malaysia (

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